Playful Integration
New Amigos brings people from different places and cultures together

Awarded the European Language Label 2016

From the jury: "New Amigos is an outstanding example of how informal learning helps to increase multicultural understanding and good language learning. Equally important is that the board game also creates favourable conditions for friendship. Hence the name New Amigos."

Nominated as "Game of the Year"

New Amigos was the first edugame to be nominated as "Game of the Year" in the Netherlands in 2006.

School Competitions

New Amigos has been used for 10 years in school competitions in Germany and Russia, with 70 000 participating students. In 2016 schools from Switzerland and Austria joined as well. See for more

A game for understanding

What We Believe In

We believe language learning should be a fun and collaborative experience where players from two languages play to learn from each other on equal grounds.

Our Mission

New Amigos is the name of the game and our mission statement. We want our players to reach out and create friendships through mutual language learning experiences, which combined adds up to a better and more peaceful world

How We Do It

We could only do this with the support of a growing community of players across the world. Players in schools, language cafes and private homes connect to learn. You can join too! Simply visit a language cafe, create your own (we'll tell you how) or sign up to play online!